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Stuart Chiropractor | Dr. Lisa Grassam

Stuart Chiropractor, Dr. Lisa Grassam

Stuart Chiropractor, Dr. Lisa Grassam

For years I suffered with asthma. I never had to use a nebulizer or inhaler. I was fortunate to receive care from my father whenever I experienced an attack. Usually within 30 minutes of an adjustment, my wheezing would stop.

I always knew I wanted to be a doctor. I started working in my grandfather’s office at thirteen and continued working in my father’s office until eighteen. While going to college, I worked in Obstetrics and Gynecology assisting in exams and minor surgeries.

A Chiropractic Education

After graduating University of South Carolina with a Bachelor in Business, I continued my education at Life University in Marietta, GA. earning my doctorate in Chiropractic. The course load was rigorous. There were many challenging classes such as Anatomy, Physiology, Neurology, and Pathology. After graduating in 1998, I moved to Stuart to establish my practice.

My Philosophy

My practice philosophy is to treat people as I would want to be treated. A good doctor should have a great ear. My objective is to restore each patient’s health to the best of my ability and teach people how to optimize their health using exercise, nutrition, and chiropractic.

On a Personal Note…

I am very active in the community with networking groups, lecturing people on the benefits of wellness care. When I am not in the office I love spending time with my children. They truly are one of life’s blessings.

My family gets adjusted usually once a week. I firmly believe that is why we are rarely sick or symptomatic. I work out regularly doing light weight training every other day with cardio in between. Remember, only the body heals itself and maintains homeostasis (self regulation). It does this best when we improve nerve function with chiropractic care.

I consider myself an excellent listener and hope I get the opportunity to meet you in person and discuss your specific health challenge. Call our Stuart chiropractic office or Click here to email us your questions!

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